5 Water Filters Features and are AquaOx Filters Good?

As humans, we depend on clean and fresh water to drink and use for washing. If we don’t have it, then will struggle to live a normal life. Lots of places around the world cope with this problem every day. Around 1.42 billion people have no access to clean drinking water. See more about this problem on the link here.

When you’re thinking about this problem, you think that these stats come from undeveloped countries in deep Africa. This is not far from the truth, lots of these people don’t have the commodity that western countries do, but they are not the only ones.

In the States, more than 2 million people also have this problem, so you can say it’s not an issue that’s only happening on another planet, but right here in our backyard.

This is why lots of people opt for water filters. They are convenient and simple, yet provide a pure product, which we all need. If you’re thinking about installing one at your home, you should know some of the most valuable features they have. Check out some of them below.

1. They are easily installed and service the entire home

Unlike the popular opinion, whole house filters are really simple to be installed. Of course, you’ll still need a professional plumber to do it, but it’s not something that will live you without water in your faucet for days.

On contrary, you’ll have it done within an hour or so, and after this, everything goes back to normal, and more. The plumber will simply place the item on your main pipe that comes into your home from the city line. As the fluid goes inside the filter, it will take down the negative components, and let only the clean stuff inside your home.

2. Six different media should be included within the filter

To be able to do the cleaning, the filter should be equipped with different ingredients that will do this job. There are different filters out there running on various methods. If we take the AquaOx water filters as an example, they use six different media to do the job.

Aside from the most popular one – activated carbon, which works like a magnet to unhealthy substances, five others will capture anything that goes through those pipes and is unhealthy for you. The success must be over 99.9% so that you have nothing to worry about.

3. Minimal maintenance

Most of the great filters have their regulating system and will ask you to do nothing at all. The outdated technology asked its users to have them cleaned regularly and replace the filters every few months.

Now, there’s no need for something like this, as they are made with new technologies, which provide self-regulating systems and ask only you to check the parameters from time to time. If there’s something wrong with them, you’ll call the maintenance guys, and that’s it. Most of these filters have a multi-year guarantee, so even if there’s something wrong, they’ll replace the entire thing.

4. Provide perfect product running from all points

There are lots of solutions for those who still haven’t installed one of these items in their homes. People use bottled water as a solution while others try to make faucet water safe for drinking by boiling. See how to make it clean when you’re in need here: https://www.cdc.gov/healthywater/emergency/making-water-safe.html.

However, this can be annoying and the quality of the water can’t be guaranteed especially if it is contaminated. Bottled water on the other hand, is much more expensive and you constantly need to restock. The filters installed on the main pipe do the job flawlessly. You don’t see them, there’s no need to take care of them, yet, they provide fresh and useful water coming from all access points, and not just the faucets where you’d pour a glass to drink.

5. Are AquaOx part of these features?

The filters that we’re talking about here cover all grounds. They have a 5-year guarantee, are easy to install, self-maintain, and have all six mediums to clean the water going into your home. That means you’re getting a top product.

When you’re choosing the best for you and your family, you need to consider all aspects. Always make sure that you’re getting something that is flawless. Research the market before making decisions, and only when you do see that something has no flaw, go for the buy.


As you can see, a great water filter needs to have some standards. If you’re thinking about one, you now realize that they need to have an easy-install method, without making holes in the walls as before, they need to have a guarantee and must self-regulate. The most valuable part is the cleaning method. Get all these things, and you’ve got yourself an amazing filter.

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