Why Will I Need Professional Carpet Cleaning?

Carpet has come under fire in recent years for harboring harmful particles that are detrimental to human health. Dirt gets tracked indoors. Human skin and insect particulates, plus whatever else is in the air both outside and in settles into the bottom of the fiber.

Everyday spray carpet cleaners swept up by everyday vacuums only get the top of the fibers clean and pretty. Most people think that’s okay. It isn’t. The grime, germs, and other contaminants are still in there.

Stains from liquids and foods are another problem with carpet. They can’t be wiped up like they can be from tile or hard wood floors. The snag with carpet is the chemicals in ordinary carpet cleaners. They might harm the carpet. Here are reasons carpet manufacturers recommend a professional carpet cleaning gilbert az or else have the carpet’s warranty canceled.

Cute as a Bug’s Ear

Well, that’s a matter of taste. We don’t think you’d get down on the floor to do your yoga with fleas, dust mites, mold spores and mildew. As you’re breathing deeply while holding a yoga pose, don’t worry about inhaling these things. You just had your carpet cleaned by professionals.

I Can Feel It Coming in The Air Tonight

Exhaust from huge vehicles like buses and big rigs, industrial stuff blowing into the air, cigarette smoke, and a dozen other contaminants get on us every day. We track that into the buildings we work in and our homes. The contaminants settle into the carpet because we wash. The carpet doesn’t.

Don’t Try This at Home; We’re Professionals

Professionals use the right chemical for the right textile making up the carpet fibers. They also use all-natural cleaning formulae if the customer wishes. Do you have a stubborn stain? Professionals can lift it. Did Fido make a mess, and your chemicals won’t clean it? Professionals can.

Is the carpet black or grayish in spots due to water damage? Professionals can fix that. If the kids tried to make something arty and got marker or paint on the carpet, professionals know what to use to get the stains out. On spaghetti night, did someone drop their plate? Don’t sweat it. Professionals can get it right out.

You Just Can’t Beat Real Power

Have you ever seen a carpet cleaning truck at a curb with a tube running from the truck into the house? There’s real power in that truck. Our vacuums or the carpet cleaners rented at a few grocery stores can’t stand up to that kind of power.

The heat generated in that truck and the suction in the tubes don’t leave anything behind. They do it with carpet-friendly chemicals that don’t threaten asthmatics or those with allergies.

Is It Dry Yet?

Professionals also know how to dry the carpet in as little time as possible. They know you have a life, and they know that life walks all over the carpet every day. They have you covered.

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