Prolong the Lifespan of Your Roof Through Regular Moss Removal


The growth of moss on your roof can be detrimental to its lifespan. The moss lifts shingles breaking the seal to allow water to sip through the shingles. Algae, moss, lichens, as well as mildew weakens the bond on the asphalt shingles as well as granules. Moss can make shingles break down and degrade reducing its lifespan considerably.

When you’re in search of a moss remover, get one who can remove it safely. A cleaning process should remove at least 70% of the moss on your roof to prolong its lifespan. An agent helping you with moss removal in Vancouver, WA should also offer granular form of moss treatment after hand scrubbing the parts of the shingles with to moss to kill any remaining traces of moss and prevent any possible moss growth from occurring. Experts recommends for roof treatment at least once in a year in the Pacific Northwest for a continuous prevention method.

Moss removal process differs from company to company. However, the process often follows these basic steps:

  • Removal of heavy concentrations of moss
  • Scrapping to remove any remaining traces of moss clumps
  • Treatment application in the aftermath of thorough roof cleaning

Choosing The Right Moss Removal Company

There are many companies out here providing roof cleaning services. Some companies will not be keen to ensure a thorough cleaning is performed and prevent any possibility of moss coming back. How do you tell the right moss remover that will give you the best services?

Provides A Roofing Survey

The right bonded, licensed and insured roofing company should be able to provide a roofing survey to establish whether there are other issues with your roof shingle that needs to be handled. The best company should be able to identify and rectify failing flashing, failing pipe boots/jacks, missing sealant and more. The team of cleaners should record the issues and offer a quote for repair as well as maintenance in the aftermath of the end of the cleaning process.

Clearing The Roof Surrounding

Some tree branches can overhang to lie on the roof and cause more damage to the roof or prevent proper sunlight and air circulation. A moss removal company should be an all-in-one company to meet all your roofing needs. With cleared overhanging branches and all other emerging roof issues handled, you will be surprised to see your roof even exceed its normal life expectancy.

General Roof Repair And Maintenance

Moss removal should be part of regular roof maintenance routine. If you let your roof to deteriorate to an extent it will need to be replaced, you will dig deep into your pocket to meet the costs. That is why you should hire a company that offers comprehensive roofing maintenance and repair services. No minor roof issue should be left unattended to.

Why Is Moss Removal Important?

Apart from making your roof look new and fresh, routine roof repair and maintenance will help to preserve as well as protect your roof from any emanating issue. You need to get rid of algae, mold, and other contaminants that will eat away you’re your roof with time. Ultimately, these repair and maintenance endeavors will save you money by preventing possible replacement of your roof after it has decayed away.


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