How a Bathroom Remodel Can Increase Your Home Value?

The bathroom is undoubtedly an essential part of your house, but more often than not, it is not given the required importance. You will be a little amazed to know that if you add a new bathroom or increase the size of your bathroom, it will add a different value to your home. You will surely want to make your bathroom stylish and functional. If you plan your next bathroom update, it will help you to make your home more practical for your family.

How to update a bathroom?

If you have an outdated bathroom in your house, you can remodel the same quite easily. First of all, you need to check whether there is any leakage already. If you see any such issue, you will need to resolve those first before you take a step forward towards cosmetic changes. You need to understand that electrical, structural, and plumbing work will be very much costly, so if you find any such issue, you have to keep it in consideration first when you are making a budget. When you repair these things in your bathroom, it will add value to your home.

You need to decide whether you will go for a new layout or upgrade your bathroom with the same design. After deciding on the same, you can book a contractor who will break the walls and change the plumbing requirements. When you renovate your bathroom, it is undoubtedly going to increase the resale value of your house. As per statistics, on average, a remodeled bathroom can your house value to around 66%.

You can add some of the best luxury materials in your bathrooms, such as shower sheets, double sink, heated floors, and Jacuzzi tub. You can add a bit more storage to your home. As per the color is the concern, you can choose a neutral color so that the buyers will have the opportunity to think about their planning. Don’t try to use any modern materials while updating your bathroom because it will become outdated in a few years.

Addition of a new bathroom:

If you have some unused space and you feel that you don’t have enough bathroom at home, you can make a new bathroom in your house. You can consider this a more complex project, and you will need an experienced and professional contractor to complete this project. Having an extra bathroom can always add value to your house. As per the various market surveys are a concern, it has been found that most of the buyers like to have a half bathroom to facilitate guests, a family bathroom, and a master bathroom.

Now, as you will spend a lot more in this case, before starting this project, you should consult with an appraiser to understand how much value the new bathroom will give to your house. If you have equity related to your home, then adding a new bathroom will undoubtedly increase the value of your house. It can become a profitable project for you.

Think about your budget:

To make it a little short, you need to understand that whether you plan your next bathroom update or want to make a completely new bathroom, it will add value to your house. However, the initial expenditure which you will need to make will be different. This is why you have to think about whether you have enough money to start the project. Whichever option seems perfect, you can go for the same.

Book the best contractor:

Whether you try to remodel your bathroom or get a new one, you will need to appoint the best contractor who has enough experience in renovating the bathrooms. While renovating the bathroom, there are a lot of essential aspects which are required to be checked. Any sort of leakage or breakage has to be repaired. At the same time, the contractor will need to add tiles to the bathroom. There are a lot of plumbing changes that are required to be completed. A professional contractor will only have the ability to remodel the bathroom in the most aesthetic way, which will look amazing. The buyers of your home will be amazed to see the same.

If you plan your next bathroom update, you need to give importance to two main things. First of all, decide on whether you want to make the upgrade within the same layout. Then you need to decide on the budget you want to spend for the same. You also need to calculate the value the renovation will increase and the amount you are going to spend so that you can find out whether it will eventually give you any profit. Then compare the various contractors’ quotes to get the renovation done within the most competitive price in the market.

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