Do You Need an Emergency Backup Home Generator?

Grid Station

Grid Station

Not every homeowner needs a backup generator for when the power goes out. If you’re someone who lives in a fairly temperate climate without a ton of power outages, purchasing a generator might incur more costs and upkeep than you’re willing to deal with for the few times a year when you need an alternate power source. However, for many American homeowners, having that extra power supply makes all the difference between feeling safe and secure and rendering your home and your family vulnerable to attack. If you’re thinking about whether or not you should use a backup generator for your home, here are a few things to consider.

You Live in a Volatile Climate

From installing a transfer switch to purchasing an interlock kit, figuring out all the specifics of your home backup generator system can be a lot of work. However, if you live in a place that’s subject to frequent, violent storms or lots of city-wide power outages, getting a generator might make all the difference to you in times of turmoil and uncertainty. Having an extra power supply means that you can stay put in your home no matter what’s going on outside rather than having to risk going out in insane weather looking for safety. It also means that your life and work won’t be interrupted by every oncoming storm.

You’re Worried About Home Security

If home security means a lot to you, you don’t want to risk even a second living in an unprotected home. A backup generator allows your home to instantly switch to generator power when the lights go out, allowing your home security system to keep running smoothly and without any interruption. When looters and home intruders use bad weather and natural disasters to prey on vulnerable homes, yours won’t be among them. You’ll stay safe and secure in your fortress with your backup generator providing extra power to your home for days on end.

You Work From Home

These days, many Americans are working consistently from home rather than relying on a corporate or private office. If you’re someone who does most of their work from home, you can’t risk being without connectivity for too long. No matter how unpredictable the weather is, your career and well-being should never have to be at stake. In addition to keeping your home safe and full of the regular comforts, your backup generator will allow you to get work done even in the midst of some of the most dreadful weather imaginable.

You Can’t Be Without Internet


Whether you need the Internet for your job, your home security system, communication with your family, or any other reason, it helps to stay connected during a particularly crazy period of bad weather. Without basic phone connectivity and Internet, it can be hard even to make basic emergency calls to the police station or fire department, never mind calls to extended family members and friends who are worried about your well-being. Keeping connected to what’s going on in the outside world is important for many of us even when we’re not going through a crisis. If the power goes out in your home, you could risk being cut off from some of the most important people in your life just when you need them the most.

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