The Do’s and Don’ts for Your Bar & Restaurant Fit Out

At Dawnvale, we strive to provide you with the most modern and creative layouts for your bars and restaurants. Each space is unique, and every customer is different. Whether your needs change throughout the year or remain constant, we will create the ideal layout and design for your location. When developing your interior fit out, there are a few things you must consider to gain the most from your future design. Likewise, there are several features you may want to avoid that might hinder your operations. Here’s our compilation of Do’s and Don’ts for your next bar and restaurant fit out.




Before your grand opening, you should have a clear vision of what your bar or restaurant will offer. This includes the types of drinks to be served, the cuisine to prepare, the number of customers to serve at one time, and more. While many factors go into operating your business, there are several things you should do to stay focused and on track.


First, “do” strive for profitability. At the end of the day, your business is there to serve customers, profitably. If you cannot efficiently manage your space, you risk losing customers and decreasing your profitability.

Second, “do” clearly state your interior design requirements before your fit out. Each bar and restaurant serves a different purpose and thus requires different features. Before the ground breaking commences, state what features you believe you might need to operate your business efficiently. Changing designs after the fit out has begun can be costly and time-consuming.

Third, “do” find the right design theme for you. The best way to have your business stand out is to offer a creative, distinct look that reflects your style perfectly. Our team of interior designers will work alongside you throughout the fit out process, guaranteeing your restaurant’s theme is apparently met.




Here are a few things to proactively avoid before and during your fit out process to ensure a successful grand opening of your bar or restaurant.


First, “don’t” get carried away with unnecessary features. Of course, it’s easy to get overwhelmed the number of options you can include in your fit out. From the table and chair designs to the layout of your dining area, it’s easy to lose track of what you want to achieve with your fit out. Before and during the process, maintain a clear image of what you envision your business to look like. Avoid large, unnecessary features that decrease your efficiency and profitability.

Second, “don’t” forget about your staff. While your fit out may look ideal on paper, it’s important to consider how your employees view the design. At the forefront of your operations, you want to make sure you’re providing your staff with an easy to work in environment.

Third, “don’t” negate your budget and timescale. While similar to the first “don’t”, it’s important to keep your budget and timescale limits at the front of your memory. Focusing on working within your outlined budget and timeline not only keeps you on track and organised, but also decreases the chance of reduced profitability.

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