The History and Importance of Push Bars

Panic bar exit devices are essential to the owner of any kind of business and it is also important to the faculties that reside inside of the sector owned by the individual. It is mandated by law to provide these panic bar exit devices elmhurst il in order to keep both the community and the people associated and affected by whether or not the lock is there safe for a more productive community. A panic bar is also known as a crash bar which allows the people who enter to not sustain injuries if things get busy or over crowded.

The crash bar is associated with the purpose of letting people in by simply pushing up against the horizontal piece of metal for the door to then open. Several industries use this door opening technology and it is well equipped for those who wish to get in and out of a building with greater ease and more convenience. Fire alarms are often attached to these things so that in case of an emergency such as a fire, people may exit the premises with little to no harm. There are serious and consequential legal issues that shall arise if the panic bar is not installed into the building.

On behalf of the safety of the community and the people affected by sudden disaster the panic bar is not only understandable but something worth considering as worthwhile and mandatory. The the panic bar is invented from the outcome of the travesty and suffering of one hundred and eighty three now dead children because of the exit not being available at the time of chaos and crisis. This demonstrates a good reason why the panic bar is to be taken seriously and adhered to without complaint or question.

It is because of the death of 183 children that this device is even used today. Since then there have been many uses and variations to the construct of the panic bar as well as how it coincides and works with the door that it is attached to. In some recent years there has been a new model to the panic bar which uses the terminology: dogging.

This simple term means that not only does the bar of the door need to be pushed in order for the door to open, but that the convenience of opening the door is just that much greater due to the accessibility it takes to open it. Simply pushing on the door or the handle allows for the gates of safety to be opened once a sudden disaster occurs in a given construction. The first panic bar created was in the early 1900s by a man known as Von Duprin and it was designed as a North American model opposed to other later models often differing by the country that the push bar was made for. No matter what design or blueprint that the panic bar is constructed from, the use and purpose of this creation has saved literally multiple lives.

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