Why You Should Build A New Home Instead Of Buy

Building your own home from the ground up is one of the most defining life events for those lucky enough to be able to afford. Whether upsizing as your family grows or just realizing a lifelong dream of the perfect house you can bet you’ll be at the forefront of every decision. While there is a lot more time and energy spent on building instead of buying a new home there are more positives to be had from a custom build than simply purchasing a home someone else has built. We’re going to look at a few here.

Creative Freedom When You Build

The most important factor that favors a custom home is that you will be getting exactly what you want. For the visualizers out there this is the only reason they will need to choose build over buy. Sidestepping restrictions like square footage and existing fittings and being able to design your dream home from the ground up is a tantalizing prospect.

Instead of choosing from a variety of buildings with the same basic layout and feel to them you can dream up anything you like, and as long as it complies with planning permissions and any other relevant rules, implement it into your home. You will also get the pride and comfort of living in a home that you designed for your lifestyle, your family, and your tastes.

Better For The Environment (And You)

A lot of older houses still contain lead-based elements and asbestos. Building a custom new home eliminates any risk to yourself. By building fresh you can use more environmentally friendly materials and more efficient plumbing, toilets and electrics. Not only is this great for the environment, it will save you money on bills, and will help save the planet the more green initiatives you can fit into the construction process.

All of these cutting edge additions have the knock-on effect of raising the resale value and potential of your finished home. Buyers will naturally prefer the newest house they look at, because they will be reassured that the structure is sound and maintenance will be low.


A custom build is an investment. Sure, the overall bill by the end of construction will likely be more than you would pay to just buy a house, but you can actually save money as a whole. Your new custom built home will typically be cheaper than the local market value. You will also be able to build a bigger home than you could buy at the same price.

If you opt to fill your home with energy saving innovation and cutting edge technology you will not only increase its market value, but also save money on your household bills for as long as you live there. As an added bonus you can relax for the first few years without worrying about a leaky roof or faulty wiring.

If you’ve planned your job from budget to builder you’re on the way to a smooth project. Keep an eye out for trends and technologies while planning your build. With a solid plan in place, go out there and make your ideas into reality!

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