4 Easy Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

Your air conditioner gets a lot of use in the summer months before getting shut off completely for months. Because of this, it’s not the best idea to fire up your A/C in June without having done any maintenance or prep work beforehand. Since your A/C is dormant for so long, not doing a few basic cleanings or filter changes could end up forcing your machine to work harder just to generate a good amount of cool air after months of idleness. One of the biggest air conditioning mistakes a homeowner can make is to assume that just because an air conditioner has had a long “rest” period during the winter, it’s totally ready to function at top capacity during the first months of summer. If you’re having trouble with your unit and want to find the best ac cleveland help around to help you get your unit in working condition, take these easy, quick maintenance tips into account first.

1. Change Out the Filters

Your air conditioner works to create and distribute clean, cool air into your home. To do this, it employs a filter in between the front-facing screen and the interior of the machine. While many homeowners take this filter for granted, leaving it in for far too long past its expiration date and forgetting to do frequent cleanings, you can end up expanding your A/C’s lifespan simply by remembering to switch out your filter as well as clean it routinely. This won’t just help your air conditioner thrive through the summer months. It will help keep the quality of your air pure and breathable, especially during the hot days when the A/C stays running all night. Your filter is there to trap dust and other unwanted elements that are flying through the air at any given moment. Failing to take the time to clean out or replace your filter won’t just leave you with a poorly-functioning machine: It will leave you with a mouthful of dirty air.

2. Clean Everything

Just like any machine, your air conditioner unit needs to be kept clean in order to function at its best. That doesn’t mean just swiping over the outside with a duster or running a microfiber cloth around the outside of the unit. To make sure everything’s actually clean, you’ll want to remove the “face” of the machine and get into the area surrounding the filter to catch dirt and dust particles. You’ll also want to clean the vents that the air comes out of by spraying a cleaning solution or using disposable wipes. This will help you maintain your quality of air and will increase airflow so that your machine doesn’t end up getting backed up or malfunctioning because of dust. Remember, the cleaner your machine stays, the less hard it has to work to cool your home. This translates to drastically lower energy bills through the summer. Cleaning your machine even a few times a year by doing a thorough dusting and wiping around and inside the unit can help you save money on cooling over time. You’ll also be able to breathe the freshest possible air rather than having to deal with nasty airborne particles circling through your home.

3. Check the Inside

Every so often, you’ll want to get a deep look inside your machine to make sure everything’s working the way it should. Even if you don’t know exactly what the inner workings of an A/C unit should look like, you’ll be able to tell if something’s drastically off, such as standing water filling up at the base or one of the coils needing to be straightened out. If you’re hearing any kind of banging or clanking sounds, looking inside your machine can probably point you to the culprit, usually in the form of a loose screw or bolt. Looking inside your machine and straightening things out will give you a good sense of what things should look like when everything is in working order. That way, when something is off, you might be able to diagnose the problem just by taking a look inside. If something looks off, you might be able to fix it yourself by moving a few parts around. This method will also clue you into some bigger problems and let you know when it’s time to call in a professional.

4. Clear Debris from the Outside

If your A/C unit is attached to a first-floor room, you might want to take some time to clear away any branches or leaves that collect over time. These obstructions can end up affecting your air quality, as well as getting in the way of your machine being able to work at its best.



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