4 Ways to Design an English Country Kitchen Straight Out of Storybooks 

When you are thinking of a country kitchen interior, what are you reminded of? For me, it is the kind of kitchen back at my grandparent’s home where I used to spend my vacations. The cozy kitchen with the warmth of home, the high ceiling and big windows, the rustic charm and the bright summer lights from the windows of the kitchen, the smell of muffins and gravy and most importantly, stories. Do you remember the kitchen where Nelly told the story of Heathcliff and Cathy to Lockwood? Well, when I personally think of a country kitchen, this is what comes in my mind. So, when recently, the Gilberts from Jacksonville asked to design their country kitchen, I started visualizing them both.

As budget and space were not really any concern, it was a delightful experience to design a kitchen like this. After all, I had the most liberty to design the way I wanted. So, how did I create the dream country kitchen that you can also design in your home? Take a look at the following points to get inspired.

 The Décor that Exudes Warmth

The most prominent element of a stunning country kitchen is the warmth and welcoming feel. The design, the materials that have been used and the look of the place, everything of it contributes to the vibe that the place should have. And in this whole design scheme, what will play the most pivotal role? Well, your kitchen cabinets. The cabinets will store the most prominent space in the kitchen. It will contribute to the visuals of the place quite a lot. So, when you are planning to create a décor that will exude warmth, you have to choose the cabinet that will enhance this element too. So, for such a glowing kitchen, go for walnut cabinets. A refreshing break from all the muted tones, walnut cabinets have the golden-brown hue with the typical wooden texture and grain. So, when you are looking for the best option of cabinets, go for this wood variant.

 Let There be Light

When you are designing a kitchen that will reflect the charm of the country and old-world sophistication, it is necessary that the place should have plenty of natural light. When Gilberts asked me to design, they did the research themselves too and I was quite pleased to see that they knew how we can use their big windows for the kitchen as the natural source of light. In case, if your kitchen lacks the amount of lights, go for a lot of gorgeous lights so that the place looks inviting. For this, opt for warm yellow lights that won’t be elaborate in look but will enhance the whole design.

Let’s Dine-In

Do you know what an essential element of my Grandma’s kitchen is? The separate dining nook, which I miss at our American home. For a country kitchen, different dining space is a typical style. Sad that Americans have ditched it all together and settled for the breakfast bar which is functional but doesn’t give the intimate feel of sharing the meals together. So, get the breakfast table and chairs while you are going to splurge on wholesale kitchen cabinets.

The Touch of Earth and Softness

Now, when you are completing the look, add the earthy touch as accessories. For bowls that will on the countertop or the table, go for pottery and earthy tones. You can also add potted plants in the décor. To add a touch of softness, get some fabric in the décor. When you have the big window, opt for Roman blinds that will work as the perfect window covering. Use cushions for the chairs too.

So, now as you know how you can revive the charm of British country kitchen in your home, what are you waiting for? Use the ideas and create the heavenly kitchen all by yourself.


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