5 Cheap Ways to Get Rid of Household Pests

Are you noticing pests in your household? Well, this is nothing new. According to the American Society of Entomology, there are billions and billions of pests, especially insects, on earth. This explains why your home is quickly becoming part of their natural habitat.

Winter is the worst season for Americans, yet it is the most peaceful time since there are fewer pest invasions. Once it is summertime, you will be going outside to relax while the pests will be rejuvenating indoors. Finding these pests in your house should not cause shock. Instead, do something to eliminate them.

Keep reading for five cheap ways to get rid of household pests.

1.  Keep the House Clean

Isn’t it ironic that we are addressing the issue of prevention, yet there are pests currently in your house? However ridiculous it may look, it is still a step in the right direction. Try by all means to keep your home clean to avoid an escalation of the issue.

In normal circumstances, pests find their way to your house through petty issues. Among them is the presence of old garbage in your home. This will attract a single insect or rodent, and within no time, it will turn into a breeding site.

The leaking water system may also be a primary area of concern as it will create an environment for the fungal gnats. Apart from these, there might be some food residues on the floor of the house. This will attract a high number of rodents into your home.

The little crack you see in your house will soon become an entry point for these pests. As a preventive measure, keep the cracks sealed, and leaking water pipes mended. Be sure that the floor of the house is dry enough to eliminate any fungal gnats.

Garbage belongs outside; thus, it should be nowhere near or inside your house. Even the slightest amount of litter is enough to invite these pests. Get rid of all food residues, and by doing this, there will be no room for pests in your household.

2.  Use Roach Killers

Cockroaches are among the biggest nuisances that can be found in your home. One day you spot one, and within no time, there are ten. Cockroaches multiply at an alarming rate, and if not controlled, they can terrorize your immediate environment.

One of the best approaches to dealing with them is by using roach killers. These are chemicals that kill this notorious insect on the spot. The fact that they are chemicals means that they can also harm you, thus the need for extra caution.

At the same time, there is the issue of resistance among cockroaches. To be on the safe side, use a variety of brands during different control sessions. This way, it will be hard for the insects’ systems to familiarize themselves with chemicals and thus develop resistance.

Within the same home, there may be pets and children. You have to be careful so as not to end up poisoning them. The spraying of chemicals should be done with nobody else in the house, but you. Opt for an environmentally friendly brand as well.

3.  Go Physical

At times, the best approach to control pests in your house is by using physical means. This is where you kill the pests you identify with your own two hands. Sometimes, you may come across a roach and ignore it, which is a big mistake.

Giving pests a second chance allows them to breed, and within no time, it becomes a crisis. Spiders, whether poisonous or not, should not be in your house. Have a stick or fly swatter with you to hit them once spotted.

As part of the physical intervention, you can as well employ the services of your pets, especially cats. Most of these small insects and rodents are considered food for cats. With these, you will have killed two birds with one stone. Your pet will be fed, and at the same time, your house will be free from rodents.

4.  Use Traps

Mice can be one of the worst nightmares for your home. Apart from being all over the place, they easily scare kids and leave small pellets in every corner of the house.

These same rodents can pose a health risk to your family. It is for this reason that you will need a reliable mouse trap. Funny enough, mice are very smart and will, at some point, dodge the trap and pass unnoticed. However, traps have evolved, and are more effective than ever before.

Mice love food; therefore, foods are valuables for the trap. Place the trap in a strategic position with less traffic to avoid injuring other people. The good thing about this technique is that it is cheap and environmentally friendly.

5.  Keep Weevils at Bay

In typical cases, weevils are known to terrorize grains and cereals. Sometimes, you’ll notice small holes in bags of cereals and grains. Weevils are the culprits. They pierce into the bags with their needle-like mouth structures.

While it may appear to be of no pressing issue, there is a need to control them. These same insects are developing a resistance to chemicals at an alarming rate, thus the need for an alternative. If anything, these chemicals should be avoided as they contaminate the food.

The best alternative to control weevils is the use of cloves. Naturally, weevils cannot withstand the smell that is associated with cloves. The best you can do is to drop a clove near the surroundings of cereals and grains, and the problem will likely be eliminated. Continue to monitor the areas since first placing the cloves.

Pests can be damaging to the wellbeing of your home, but you don’t have to break the bank to keep them away. Sometimes, it is a matter of creativity and doing things with a traditional touch. As you move into your new home, let pest prevention and control be a part of your daily routine.

Resources— Bob Vila, Considerable

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