5 different types of rug to know before you go rug shopping

If you are new in the world of rug shopping, then you might need help. And to get the best kind of rug available in the market, you will have to get the knowledge of the variety of the rugs available these days.

Factors to consider when choosing a rug

When you are out for shopping for the rug, you need to take into consideration, the following factors and find the best item out of all.

  • The rug style
  • The placement of the rug (bedroom, lounge, office etc.)
  • The budget that you can fix for the rug
  • The measure of ease for the cleaning and maintenance of the rug
  • The fact that how long you want to keep this rug
  • Any preferences that you have for the choice of the material of rug

Based on these factors, now you can move further to select the type of rug that you need for your place.

  1. Wool rugs

So the first one on our list are the wool rugs. Obtained from the natural wool, these rugs are highly durable and they are available in the variety of woven items such as hand woven, loom woven, hand tufted or hand knotted. Often the synthetic wool fiber is also used for the making of the rugs but of course the natural wool rugs are more expensive and are therefore highly durable and are passed from generation to generation as well.

  1. Silk rugs

Silk rugs are also very trendy ones and they are also available in the pure and mixed form. In the pure silk rugs, there is a 100 percent amount of silk in the weaving while in the mixed ones, there is some percentage of silk mixed with other fibers. The silk gives a shiny finish to the rug, making it perfect to be used in the less traffic areas to add more beauty.

  1. Moroccan styled rugs

The Moroccan style rugs are another modern and intricate name in the world of rugs. Made with the Muslim texture styled art work, that comprises of ivory touch with the patterns, makes these rugs highly anticipated and highly demanded throughout the world. You can use them in the living room or bedroom easily as they are comfortable and pretty.

  1. Cotton rugs

Since cotton is an inexpensive material, therefore, you can enjoy having the cotton rugs in a low budget compared to the above mentioned ones. But cotton is a not a very durable kind of material and the rugs would start fading and the stains would retain as well. so if you are planning on changing the rugs soon, go for cotton.

  1. Jute and bamboo rugs

The jute and bamboo rugs can add a coastal vibe to any place that they are added to. They look very exotic and give a very warm appeal to your space. So they can be a good option for the rooms that need some texture adding to them.

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