5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Roofing Specialist

I once saw a cartoon strip in the newspaper. There were 4 birds in two different tree branches. The 1st two birds were happily resting inside a birdhouse. While the other two birds were arguing while wet. The speech balloon on one of the wet birds showed a caption that goes like this – “Forget this do-it-yourself stuff! Next time, we’re hiring a contractor.” This made me think, the cartoon strip is right. It is best to hire a professional roofing specialist if you want to repair or replace your roof.

Never do it yourself! Why? Here’s another story. A neighbour of mine wanted to give their house a new stylish look by changing their roof. They tried exploring different types of roofing materials – shingles, tiles, and woods. For them, these options were not enough. So, they took the matter by themselves without consulting a professional roofing specialist. They ended up using kitchen tiles on their roof. Everybody in the neighbourhood can’t stop thinking how inefficient and strange their choice is. In the end, they created a disaster. Their kitchen tiles roof collapsed right after they installed it.

Now, let’s go to the serious stuff. Here are 10 reasons to hire a professional roofing specialist.


DIYing your roof repair or replacement is strongly discouraged because of the following reasons.

High Risk of Injury. People that fall off roofs become seriously injured or even die. Improper ladder placement, incorrect use of protective gears, roof holes, unstable roofs, and even the weather can cause you to slip and fall. If you’re not a professional roofing specialist, you are at high risk of being injured when doing roof repairs or replacements.

Lack of Specialised Tools. Some roofing problems may require the use of specialised tools and techniques. You may not have a caulking gun, chalk line, hammer tacker, power nailer, etc. But a professional roofing specialist surely has these tools to complete the work.

Time. DIYing your roof repair or replacement may cover an immense amount of your time. Since you have limited knowledge of roofing, you will need to spend countless hours learning the techniques. Even a tiny mistake can compromise your roofing. And you may still end up calling a professional roofing specialist.

Wastage. You don’t have the in-depth knowledge and skills on roofing works. A professional roofing specialist dedicated effort to learn the proper way of repairing and replacing roofs. They have allotted a significant amount of time in perfecting the craft. Chances are, you don’t exactly know what type of materials you will need to repair or replace your roof. DIYing your roof can result in a material mismatch. You can either underestimate or overestimate the materials needed and that will result in wastage.


Here are the top 10 reasons to hire a professional roofing specialist

Knowledge. A professional roofing specialist is certified and licensed to deliver superb roofing repair and replacement. They have enough knowledge of the best roofing products and techniques. As such, they can ensure that your roofs are safe and undamaged for years to come.

Quick Turnaround. A professional roofing specialist has in-depth experience in handling roofing issues. Their years of experience make it easy for them to identify roofing problems and fix them efficiently and fast.

Cost-Effectiveness. Most of the time, people think that hiring a professional roofing specialist will cost you a significant amount of money. This isn’t true. Most roofers know where to get low-cost quality materials. They have the right tools needed to perform a roof repair and replacement. This means that you’ll save costs from buying expensive materials and special tools that you’ll need to fix your roofs.

Enhanced Safety. Roof work is a dangerous task but a professional roofing specialist has enough experience to do them safely. They are equipped with safety gear. They very well know how to climb up and perform roofing works. So, you reduce the risk of you falling if you DIY your roofing works.

Protection from Lawsuits. A professional roofing specialist follows the local building codes when it comes to roofing standards. So, you have peace of mind that you’re not violating any law that can cause you trouble. Certified roofers can also give you further advice on how to maximise the performance of your roof.

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