Height and distance for TV mounting

Following mentioned are some of the quick helpful tips for you for TV mounting:

TV size

The normal size for the flat-screen TV is 10 inches but it can mainly range to 10-20 inches that starts from the bottom of Television. To have a comfortable view you need to select the range between 35 to 45 inches and TV you have mounted should be 25 inches above the wall.

Mark points

Make a light pencil mark on your selected area of the wall by aligning right and left sides where you want the center of your TV screen to be.

Start screwing holes

Once you have marked the desired points, start holding the mount from the distance of about 15 inches from the marks you have put.  Put some more marks from the position where you want to screw holes for the mount.

Comfortable Viewing Height

Once you have complete understanding of the screen sizing and your viewing distance of you from the TV. You need to be sure that you install the TV at a proper distance from your eyes. There is an ideal height which you need to know for mounting the TV up on the wall. Ideal height is important and it is based on your room structure and the wall height. Following are some of the ideal mounting options which you can follow:

  • Most of the actions on the television happens in the mid of the screen this is the reason for which you need to take care of the ideal screen level.
  • The most ideal view in this way is that when you place your TV directly at the center of your eye view. But normally when there are lots of people to watch the TV, then its better to mount it a bit above from the eye level so that everyone could watch it with ease.

Other factors

There are some other factors too which are equally important for you to take care of while mounting the TV from experts at https://www.tvinstallationone.com/ your height also matters in determining the fine spot for your TV. The height of your cushion seat also matters in determining the ideal spot for your TV installation.  A basic research could be helpful in determining the right spot.

As most of the actions in the TV screen are done in the center of screen so this is the reason that for ideal view you should consider mounting it in the center. If your TV has the height of 30 inches, then the Ideal height this way will be 10 inches from the bottom. This is how by using a formula you can determine the ideal distance and the viewing height too.

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