How to remove smoke odor thoroughly?

A big fire can create complete destruction to a property and leave the property in ashes. But if fire has not spread throughout your house, it still causes massive damage with smoke and soot and not to forget the water and fire extinguishers. Water from fire suppressers and water hoses of fire fighters add to the fire damage.

It is somewhat easy to remove and reconstruct a part of charred property than to remove smoke odor and soot particles from porous and non-porous materials and objects.  It is important to start the restoration process immediately otherwise the damage of smoke and odor becomes persistent and impossible to remove. Smoke is highly acidic and can ruin everything within no time if left untreated.

Presence of water creates humidity and open pores of wood making it more prone to absorb smoke and residues. Smoke becomes mixture of different materials burning in fire like wood, fabrics, plastic, leather and other chemicals, which is very toxic for human health. It is important to deal with it using safety masks and safety gloves to protect yourself.

Delay in starting the restoration process adds to the damage day by day and cost of repairs in thousands of dollars. Soot particles cling to everything and everywhere, discoloring and staining them hard to remove and clean. Due to acidic nature of smoke and soot residue it is recommended to get professionals help to remove and restore your valuable assets back to pre fire state as soon as possible.

Disaster Pros is a reputed and experienced fire and water damage cleanup company, providing their services for all size residential, commercial and industrial properties. Their professionals are certified and licensed and successfully restoring the properties back to their original healthy living environments for many years. They are available in all emergencies to start the restoration and repairing process without wasting any time to mitigate the effects of fire, water, smoke and soot.

Disaster Pros have the experts and trained team of professionals and equipment to remove and cleanup your property and valuables from soot and smoke damage restoration and thoroughly without getting injured and inhaling the smoke.

Before starting the restoration process, the professionals assess the source of smoke to deal with it properly. Every material such as plastic, metal, leather, wood, fabric, chemicals and others produce smoke while burning. Removing these burnt items from area lessen a major amount of smoke odor from area. After clearing the area from debris, remove salvageable objects and send them to clean, wash and restored.

It is easy to remove the visible smoke damage rather than the non-visible smoke odor, which penetrates the structural materials especially the drywall, insulation, wooden floors and lamination. Smoke is absorbed behind walls or underneath the floors and need complete removal and replacement for complete elimination. Smoke odor should be treated scientifically to get a clean, healthy environment.

The professionals use thermal fogger and ozone treatment for thorough odor removal from fire damaged properties. Walls and ceilings become pale and discolored, are freshly painted.

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