Pest Control for Bed Bug Infestations

Bed bugs can be a huge problem. These flat, brown or red tiny insects feed on blood and infest bedding, mattresses, sheets, baseboards and just about any other place that they can sneak into. They can work their way into electric outlet plates, frames and furniture if there are small enough cracks and crevices.

You want to get rid of an infestation fast. While the bed bugs do not transmit any serious diseases to humans, their bites can be annoying for most people. For some people, they can become infected and lead to bigger problems. Whether you find bed bugs in your own home or in a home you rent to tenants, you need to get a pest control company to help you eliminate them.

Get Professional Pest Help

There are some things you can do to get an infestation somewhat under control. However, it can be extremely time consuming and ineffective. The best option is to hire professional beg bug pest controller or a pest control management professional. A PMP may need to make several visits to get the infestation under control and to eliminate the pests from the home.

Before the professionals arrive, you can do some things to make the extermination a little easier. Get rid of any excess clutter.  Vacuum all rooms as thoroughly as possible.

This means using a crevice tool to get around baseboards, furniture, electronics, and dressers. If you use a canister vacuum, empty it regularly. If you use a vacuum with a vacuum bag, remove it when it is full and seal it up in a plastic bag. Make sure to bring this to an outside trash can or dumpster. Launder all linens, clothes, and bedding on the highest temperature setting possible.

When your pest management professional arrives, they will thoroughly inspect the home. They have the ability to detect any fecal matter or shed skins to spot all the areas where the bugs have been infesting.  These experts will also spot any eggs.

They will then go over an extermination plan with you. They will customize a plan to work with your preferences and any allergens that you or a family member has. They will treat the premises initially and return to follow up with a treatment that will retreat the home to ensure that any larvae that may have been left behind will be eliminated.

Your professional pest control company has several types of treatments including methods that freeze away the pests. While there are several steps you can take to get some of the infestation under control, the actual extermination should be done by the experts.

They can use non-toxic methods for eliminating the bed bugs and they will let you know how to keep the bed bugs from coming back. You owe it to your family or to your tenants to make sure the premises is free of bed bugs and stays that way. Get in touch with your local bed bug exterminators now for a free consultation.

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