Planning the Task of Eliminating Clutter From Your Home

With our busy schedules, we have tendencies to neglect our living space. Before we know it we are overwhelmed with clutter. Taking the time to organize our home can seem like a huge obstacle and a task we just do not know how to start. It is essential to create a plan to help organize our decluttering efforts and provide an organized way to attack the job.

You must decide if you need to rent a small storage unit to place the items you want to keep for future use. Self-storage offers an array of storage units in various sizes to suit your storage needs. The units in these facilities are reasonably priced. They provide a secure and safe space where you can keep your possessions until you need them.

Next, you can decide what are your decluttering goals? Do you want to just throw out things you longer need? Or, do you want to create an entirely new living space and let go of the past? Whatever the answer to these questions may be, you will need to come up with a new household organization schedule to help you keep your home clutter-free once you accomplish cleaning your space. Having an idea of what your end goal is can help you prioritize the task and come up with a step-by-step plan.

The first task to declutter your home is to evaluate the size of the mission at hand. It is very important to envision your final goal is before you begin. After this, you will have a better idea of what you wish to accomplish. Now that you have an idea of your expected goal, you can begin planning the endeavor at hand. Having a plan will help you manage to complete your cleaning desires in a timely fashion.

You may wish to incorporate the four box rule as depicted in the GLAD article, “How to Declutter Your Home Without the Hassle.” This article suggests you use four boxes to place your items in, that way sorting will be easy to complete. The four boxes are sorted as follows:

  • Box #1 is for items you want to throw away.
  • Box #2 is for items you want to give away or sell.
  • Box #3 is for items you wish to store.
  • Box #4 is for items you want to put away for later use.

It is best to start your decluttering quest with the smallest room and work your way towards the larger rooms. Completing one room at a time will give you a feeling of accomplishment and encourage you to move to the next tasks. For instance, if you know you want to rearrange your kitchen, you may want to start by cleaning out your spice rack. You can first throw away all of your empty containers. Then you can place the spices you use the most in the front of the cabinet for easy access.

Next, you may want to rearrange your pots and pan cabinets. You may have old pots and pans you no longer use. They may be scratched and tarnished from overuse. These items can be thrown out to make room for a new set or for those items not so worn out that you use the most. Arrange and stack like items together. Placing the smaller pots in the larger pots and the smaller pans in the larger pans. Place items, such as roasting pans, that you only use for special occasions in the back of the cabinet. Then place the items you use every day in the front of the cabinet for easy access.

Attack your dish cabinets and tableware drawers in the same manner. Placing less used items in the back of the cabinets and drawers, and placing items used most often in the front. Before you know it, you will have an organized kitchen. When finished, you will know exactly what items you have and where the items are. Completing this task will inspire and motivate you to tackle the larger rooms effortlessly.

When the decluttering task is complete, you will have a new outlook for your living space. It will be clean and organized. You will have a great feeling of accomplishment. And you can start enjoying your home more and begin living a clutter-free life.

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