Recliners and chaise for your comfortable contemporary sofas

What are the features that a perfect sofa should have? Surely materials and fabrics quality, the design, the good money value and above all, the comfort.

The concept of comfort is relative. Everyone can perceive it in their own way which means that for someone a comfortable sofa is that with a soft and spacious seat. For others, a comfortable sofa is the modular one, thanks to which it is easier to manage the spaces.

Contemporary sofas are characterized by the possibility of combining both features. Large seats, design manufacturing, technologically advanced fabrics, elements that can be mixed according to spaces needs. Comfort and modularity are two of the most important features that people consider while choosing a new sofa. They pay attention to several details such as the possibility of integrating chaise and recliners.

So, how to choose a contemporary sofa that is comfortable but also appropriate to the style of the surrounding environment?

The great advantage of the modularity of contemporary sofas

The great advantage of the contemporary sofas is their total compositional freedom. They are conceived to be modular pieces so that it is more simply to manage the internal spaces and organized them.

The frame can be combined with a wide range of accessories such as recliners, chaise and poufs, according to customer’s needs. So, modern sofas are more comfortable than classics ones because the concept of comfort has changed.

They are designed in order to interpret a new aesthetic concept of the contemporary living where comfort means not only a comfortable seat but also the flexibility and adaptability of the furnishing to the surrounding space.

Home interiors are at the same time the place where family meets and wants to spend time in relax, but they are also the expression of a new lifestyle that looks at the house as the expression of individuality.

Chaise, recliners and the other accessories for a comfortable sofa

It is possible to choose between several types of accessories in order to design a customized and comfortable contemporary sofa: chaise, recliners, pouf and islands.

The first one is the chaise longue. It is an elongated armchair with a single raised support for the head. It is a single piece but it can be also included in the structure of the sofa as part of it.

As the chaise, the recliner is a single piece that can stand alone or be integrated in the sofa. It is an armchair made of a backrest that reclines and of a footrest that can be extended.

The pouf is and extra large size pillow that can be put in the center of the room, or in one of the corner or next to the sofa too. It can be made with fabrics and colours different from that of the sofa, it can be equipped with or without the feets and it is usually used to break up the chromatic monotony of the room.

At least, the island is an extra large proportions sofa without the backrest, that can be combined with another fix sofa or can stand alone too. This piece is designed for contemporary and very large spaces ensuring the maximum comfort and a strong emotional impact.

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