The Advantages of Metal Roof that Made it a Popular Trend

Metal has become popular as a roofing material in the last few years. The longevity of the material saves money for years. Of course, it depends where you live, but people who have a metal roof and stay in a moderate climate have not replaced their roofing for the last 15 to 20 years. There are just a few touch-ups and maintenance that are required and the roof is as good as new.

AMT Roofing supplies high-quality metal tiles and standing seam metal roofing to withstand the harsh weather of Edmonton, Alberta. They have installed 500 metal roofs since 2009. They also give 50 years of warranty. They provide roofing for residential buildings, commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings.

Factors Affecting the Recent Trend of Metal Roofing


Metal roofs can last for years. That is why manufacturers give warranties for 50 years, it can withstand any kind of weather, including a hurricane. There is no dent even due to severe weather or while walking on the roof. Asphalt shingles or tiles don’t last more than 15-20 years. Moreover, they need repairing and touch-up after every change in weather, but that is not the case with a metal roof. Budget-Friendly

Installation of a metal roof may be slightly expensive, but it saves money in the long run. Asphalt shingle and tile roofing require repairing and maintenance every 2-3 years. However, metal roofing doesn’t require any maintenance. Moreover, the coat of paint also doesn’t fade which keeps it bright and fresh.

The coating of zinc and aluminum doesn’t let it rust easily which again saves money. It can survive any extreme weather like a thunderstorm, hail storm, snow, rain, hurricane. The only maintenance that it requires is cleaning of debris, dried leaves to avoid drainage blockage.

Energy Efficient

A metal roof is placed on top of plywood or solid sheathing. This keeps the home cooler in the summers. It saves energy by 50% which further saves money on utility bills. With the invention of glass paint that is coated on a metal roof, the metal roof stays cooler because the glass paint absorbs heat.

Environmentally Friendly

Metal is 100% recyclable which saves our environment completely. Moreover, it saves energy which further saves our natural environment. It is helping in saving nature. Some part of the metal roof contains recycled material. On the other hand, an asphalt roof is not completely recyclable and it is changed every 2-3 years.

Good Protection

Other materials get damaged due to weather changes. You can see cracks, seepage on the roof after heavy rainfall and storm. However, this cannot be seen in a metal roof. Other materials rot and you can also see termites and germs on them, but metal is one material that is termite and germ resistant.


Metal roof is a thin sheet so it is lightweight. It is easy to carry and install. Even though it is lightweight, it doesn’t make noise. It is covered with plywood or solid sheathing which makes it noise-proof. It is so light that it can be placed on an old roof which also saves money and repairs of the old roof.

Metal roof has its benefits and it is trending in many cities. The installation may be expensive, but it saves money in the long run.


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