The Benefits of a Home Water Filtration System


For people who own a home, there are many great advantages and benefits. Having a home offers protections and safety for things that apartments do not usually have. However, there is an area of concern for homeowner safety that is not guaranteed and that is quality of the water.

Water is a necessity no matter where you live. That is why ensuring that the water coming into a private home is safe should be paramount. While public water supplies are usually tested on a regular basis and are considered to meet the guidelines for safe drinking water standards, there are concerns.

Hazards of Public Water

Public water supplies are known to carry large amounts of certain chemicals that are known to be hazardous to human health. One of the main chemicals of concern is chlorine. While chlorine does provide benefits in cleaning water from other hazardous bacteria, chlorine is a health hazard for both humans and animals.

Fluoride is another widely used additive found in public drinking water. Though widely acknowledged for use in tooth paste, excessive amounts of fluoride can put people at risk for other health issues. One of the bigger concerns for excessive amounts of fluoride is the cancer risk. While in small quantities, fluoride is accepted in tooth paste for its anti-cavity properties, having it in a home’s regular water source can cause health issues. If used continuously in all areas of water use, it can potentially compromise a family’s health.

Home Water Filtration Reduces the Risks

Because of these additives and other risks, it is a good idea to consider getting a home water filtration system to avoid over exposure to these toxic chemicals. This is especially true in urban and farm areas. A home water filtration system helps to remove impurities and chemicals from tap water in a home. People who reside outside a public water system can have a false sense of safety with well water. However, even well water has risks for bacteria and minerals that can prove to be hazardous in larger quantities.

The good news is that a home water filtration system can help remove harmful chemicals, bacteria and minerals from a water source. A properly chosen home water filtration system will work on either a public water supply or well water.
There are several different types of systems that homeowners can choose from. The most popular for a home system is one that filter’s water at the home’s main incoming source so that all water entering the home is filtered. For people looking for home water filtration system phoenix az residents have plenty of different types and capacities to choose from. It is always important to understand what you are buying before you invest in a home water filtration system.

There are home water filters that are smaller. These usually work specifically on faucets and showers. While less expensive, it can leave some areas of water in a home untreated. A full home system gets the water at its incoming source and filters all the water in the home. Once this type of system is installed, there is no need for other individual smaller units.

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