The Many Advantages Of Bluon TdX 20 Refrigerant

R22 – commercially known as Freon – is the most popular refrigerant available on the market for some time. But there is a problem with this refrigerant, and that is R22 is detrimental to the ozone layer of the planet. In fact, Freon depletes the ozone layer – which affects how the ultraviolet rays of the sun are controlled. The depletion of the ozone layer could result in many adverse health effects to the human race. Skin cancer is one of the main conditions that affect our species due to the depletion of the ozone layer of the planet. Hence, the world leaders decided to phase out the production of R22. The phasing out is done in stages – which the final stage is supposed to come into effect in January 2020. After January 2020, the production and importation of R22 will be completely banned. It won’t be available even for servicing the existing systems.

The scientists immediately went to work in order to find a viable alternative to R22. In fact, R22 is energy-efficient and HVAC compatible although it isn’t eco-friendly. Even though several alternative refrigerants were introduced to the market some time back, most of them were not up to the mark similar to R22. R410A or Puron is the best alternative refrigerant so far. It is eco-friendly and doesn’t damage the ozone layer like R22. But it isn’t energy-efficient or HVAC-compatible like Freon. That is where TdX 20 or R20 comes in handy. TdX 20 or Bluon TdX 20 is by far the best alternative refrigerant in the HVAC industry. That is due to the many advantages of this product. This article provides information on the many advantages of Bluon TdX 20 refrigerant.

The most important benefit of using TdX 20 in your HVAC system is that the substance will immediately lower the energy consumption of the system by at least 20-25% – depending on the type of unit used. The refrigerant will lower the amp draw rate and run time of your HVAC system. On the other hand, R20 is compatible with a majority of HVAC systems out there. It is also eco-friendly and doesn’t deplete the ozone layer of the planet like R22. The equipment delivery capacity is much greater than of Freon. Due to the lower operating pressure, the lifespan of your HVAC system will increase over time. That is why you should consider shifting to R20 instead of R22 in your HVAC systems. In fact, you won’t have any other choice after January 2020 since R22 will be completely banned from being manufactured and imported to the United States. Hence, it is best that you take an immediate decision to shift to TdX 20 and save a lot of money in the process.

The daily runtime of the HVAC units will be reduced by at least 20 to 90 minutes – which is a major performance advantage of TdX 20. In fact, your system will easily handle peak load times due to the improvements in its performance. The energy consumption will be lowered during the operation times. Hence, you can save on your energy bills over time when you replace the existing R22 HVAC system with an R20 or TdX20 compatible HVAC unit.


On the other hand, R20 can run on a wide range of HVAC systems including low, medium, as well as high-temperature systems. In fact, TdX 20 is optimized for use in medium and high-temperature HVAC systems. Another advantage of shifting to R20 is, it will run on all R22 systems without having to replace the entire system. In fact, there is no other alternative refrigerant that could boast of this advantage. That is why R20 has become one of the most popular alternative refrigerants on the market today. It is the best solution to replace R22 when the latter becomes obsolete after January 2020. TdX 20 will work with all of the standard metering devices. The main benefit of R20 is the eco-friendliness of the substance. In fact, R20 is non-ozone depleting compared to R22 or Freon. The energy efficiency and eco-friendliness are the most important advantages of the new TdX 20 refrigerant by Bluon Energy.

When you decide to shift to an alternative refrigerant, TdX 20 is the best full-service turnkey solution for you. In fact, Bluon Energy will join with your local HVAC contractor to complete the shift expertly. They will ensure that all the optimization requirements are met in order to realize the full energy-saving potential of Bluon TdX 20 or R20. On the other hand, shifting to R20 is one of the best solutions to the R22 phase out question. Many people are turning to TdX 20 as a solution to the R22 phasing out – which is to be completed by January 2020. After this date, you won’t be able to purchase R22 even to service your existing HVAC equipment. That is why you should take the decision to shift to R20 or TdX 20 without delay. It will help you save a lot of time and money in the process.

Bluon Energy – the company that manufactures TdX 20 – is having an accreditation program in order to train the local HVAC contractors to make the shift to TdX 20 as smoothly as possible. You have the option of becoming a Bluon accredited technician to make the TdX 20 replacement job easier with world-class technical support and powerful tools. In fact, it takes less than 30 minutes to get accredited. You can check out the website of Bluon Energy for further details in this regard.

R22 is the most commonly used refrigerant in the world today. But there is a problem with the continuity of the substance since it depletes the ozone layer of the planet. That is where TdX 20 or R20 comes in handy. TdX 20 is considered one of the best alternative refrigerant on the market today. It is energy efficient and eco-friendly at the same time. The above read offers information on the many advantages of Bluon TdX 20 refrigerant.


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