Tips for Redesigning a House Room by Room


If you are planning to redesign your home the best way to do it is room by room. Unless you are filthy rich most homeowners operate under a budget. Now this budget may accommodate major renovations but not all redesigns require a hammer. Some are a quick jaunt through a consignment store. This is why when redesigning your living space, it is important to take it one step at a time.


Bathrooms can be altered by simple to ridiculous means. You can add a second sink or pull out the existing tub to add a whirlpool. You can also switch out the shower head, replace the potty seat, and buy some new towels. So, ask yourself what do I really want to change about my bathroom? You may find that buying a matching set of sink caddies is all you really need.

One great idea some homeowners go with is replacing the pan of their shower. A shower can be completely reinvigorated if you add some tile to the floor. Same goes for the rest of the space. Sites like can give you great options for renovating your shower. Not only does it alter the entire space, it is also a cheaper option.


One of the easiest fixes to a bedroom is changing the furniture. If you want to avoid cost, however, all you need to do is change simple things. Adding more light to a room can have a surprising effect as does hanging up art. Even if you frame a giant picture of Batman and hang it above your bed it will still create more visual interest for the room. You can also simplify the space.

Sometimes opening a room up has a great effect. You do not have to knock down a wall just take out some furniture. The more empty space the better the room. You can also adjust the location of your bed, change out the knobs on your dresser, or paint one wall a different color.


Hallways do not get a lot of thought but can make an impression if we let them. Painting a hallway, a different color than the rest of your home can have a huge effect. You can also clump a bunch of family photos on one side and create a gallery. You can even open a hallway into an archway. This is a renovation but not a huge one. It is always wise to be surgical with renovations and be specific as to where you want work done.

Living Room and Kitchen

These are the big rooms most people pay attention to. They can be altered by significant means, but they can also be stylized simplistically. Painting a wall is a great way to add flavor to a room. Moving furniture, displaying artwork, and even laying down a new rug can have huge effects. A great way to renovate a kitchen is replacing cabinet handles and drawer knobs. It is not a new fridge, but it has just the same amount of effect.


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