Benefits of Waterproofing the Basement – A Complete Solution  

Water is the most important natural resource of the ecosystem, but it can lead to a huge trouble if it starts leaking. There are plenty of ways in which moisture can seep in and destroy your home like spread of mildew and mold or simply appearance of a swamp. You may not be able to detect the issue at the early stage by your own.

The basement waterproofing Toronto services can come handy during such situations. There are many professionals who aim to offer world class waterproofing solutions. Not only this, they will ensure that you do not need foundation crack repair services and other structural fixes.

Why you should fix the basement?

We all know that to build a strong home, we need a solid foundation. Your basement is not only the extra space for your place but also the basic foundation of the entire structure. If the basement is built in the depth, it is more prone to the moisture buildup. It might not flood for a long time but still mold can be developed on the flooring, walls and ceiling support beams.

You must not ignore the signs that indicate your basement is vulnerable and waterproofing solution is required. Some such signs include:

  • You have to check if there are any cracks in the foundation. If the cracks are more than 1/16th of an inch, this means problem is serious. These might get even bigger if you do not repair the foundation on time
  • You must check if there is soil buildup near the foundation. You have to ensure that soil slope away at least 6 inches from the foundation
  • If any of the exterior walls seem to be curved or bowing, this is an alarming sign of settling

What is the right time to fix the basement?

You might not observe any standing moisture stains or water on the floor of the basement. However, even the dry and damp patches on the floor or walls indicate cracks in the foundation. You will observe that some areas of the wall are damp and cold to touch. Also, some areas could be a little darker than the other.

You could check the issue of sweating walls. You might feel that air is heavier in the basement than rest of the house. This is due to high level of humidity in the basement. Many homeowners use their basement as the laundry room which adds to the humidity of the place. This will not lead to any sort of flooding. However, it will cause mildew or mold formation.

There are many advantages of waterproofing the basement. It will prepare your basement for any sort of future remodeling. Once the issues are fixed, your foundation will be much stronger. Moreover, this will add a bonus space to your place.

Further, it will lower down the humidity of your place and hence improve the efficiency. Once the floors are waterproofed, it will be much easier to maintain and clean. It will also prevent you from any potential health problems that might result in damp and toxic air.

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