Key Decor Trends for the Home

2021 brings many treats, the easing of lockdown, new fashion trends and most importantly, beautiful home trends to allow us to live amongst sheer elegance and beauty. Looking at home décor fashion retailers such as Buster & Punch, you can undoubtedly see there are some incredible home inspirations out there to spark your creative flare when it comes to transforming your home.

Texture Furniture

Textured furniture has been emerging over the last few months. We have lately been exploring three-dimensional wall features in the form of panelling, transforming our smooth sideboards into a textured dream in the form of wooden slats and grooves. There’s nothing like adding a bit of texture and definition to your room and this is the perfect way to get on board in creating a beautifully elegant home style.


There is something interesting about exposed pipework and brickwork, particularly if your home gives off the New York condo style. You’ve got nothing to lose except your plastering, when deciding to delve into the industrial world. This trend utilises a beautiful, raw, aesthetic by combining open spaces with natural materials and minimalistic décor. A fantastic trend in industrial lighting is through the exposed pipe style, black iron lights with industrial feature bulbs.

Image Credit: Buster & Punch | Industrial Light Bulb

Decorative Joinery

Decorative joinery is a fantastic way to use your storage solutions as focal points to the room. Designers are introducing ways you can create a play on materials and texture to create built in wardrobes with an aesthetic feel using wood and a beautiful colour of paint. Storage has never been such a staple in the home, however over the last year, storage features have evidently come out of the woodwork and transforming homes from cluttered spaces to luxuriously tidy focal points.

Connecting with Nature

Nature over the course of 2020-2021 has slowly crept into our homes, particularly if you live in an apartment with no garden. Connecting with nature is important for our mental health and beautiful in styling our homes. Biophilic design is the new thing, and it is achieved through introducing nature into our homes to form our interior design. You can do this by using natural, raw materials, introducing more plants into your living space, brightening up your space, and incorporating beautiful aromas and sounds to tantalise the senses.

Earthy Tones

Neutral doesn’t mean boring. There is something so beautiful, elegant, and warming about neutral, earthy undertones in a living space. From coffee shades to deep reds, to beige and greige, you can really introduce a soothing home environment by incorporating these colour palettes into your interior design. It can be overwhelming choosing the right earth tones for your home by the sheer volume of choice. There is a vast choice of earthy tones to consider so try to do your research on current home style inspiration and shave your options down to two or three. Warm hues are a beautiful place to start when considering your earthy tones.

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