How To Prepare Your Commercial Roof for Winter Season

When it comes to maintaining buildings and other physical assets, preparation is key. A roof is an integral part of any building. To get the best price and service, it is important to contact a group of commercial roofing contractors. Commercial roofing contractors specialize in many areas, including preparing your roof to withstand the winter.

Prepare Your Commercial Roof for Winter Weather

To keep your roof in good condition for winter, it is important to remove any obstructions that could cause problems. After scheduling your maintenance inspection, have the roofer that you hired clean it. A thorough cleaning will eliminate any potential problems such as mold, moss, and clogged drains. Animal infestation is another problem that is often overlooked. Rodents seek shelter when it’s cold. This can cause all kinds of problems if they try to get into roofing systems. If left alone, animal feces can cause problems. The harsh acids in the feces can also burn through roofing systems.

When winter-proofing your roof, it is important to deter animals from living and nesting on the roof. You can help animals by removing any material that could be used to nest, closing any doors that might invite rodents in, keeping food sources away, trimming trees, and limiting ponding.

Schedule Roof Inspections

Fall roof inspections are crucial for the proper maintenance and care of your roofing system. This is where all problems that you may not be aware of will be discovered. It is crucial to address the problems immediately and make repairs if they have an adverse effect on your roof. An emergency roof repair in winter is expensive, but small repairs and inspections are not.

Small holes in your roof membrane can become gaps that allow water through during the winter freeze-thaw cycle. This can cause leaks in your building. Clogged drains can lead to water back-up and freezing in drains which can cause pipes to burst. Check the following areas during your roof inspection: Make sure that the gutters and downspouts are clear. Also, clean out any debris or clutter around drainage pipes. Flashing and seals should be closed to protect them from the elements.

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