Common Problems with Hot Water Systems

After a fun stroll in the beach, a hot shower is just what you need to complete your day. Then you hit a snag. It seems that you can’t end the day as you wish due to a defective hot water system.

Hot water systems are designed to last decades, be it gas, solar, or electric. However, they need proper maintenance and repairs to meet expected lifespans and deliver peak performance. Only licensed plumbers are allowed to install, certify, and conduct repairs of hot water systems.

Improper installation is one of the top sources of problems in hot water systems in Australian households. It voids warranty claims and may cause the system to deliver below expectation. Defective products and parts are the next common source of failures. This highlights the importance of dealing with duly licensed professionals and registered dealers.

Hot water systems can fail to deliver hot water due to problems in:

  • Heating elements

Broken and worn out heating elements is one of the common reasons for the failure of hot water systems with storage tanks. This typically happens in winter when the system is expected to do more but without regular checks beforehand.

  • Thermostats

Thermostats dictate the heating elements to work when it senses that the water in storage tanks is not hot enough. If it’s not working properly, the water temperature could be too hot or too cold.

  • Tempering valves

Tempering valves mix hot and cold water to make kids and parents do not suffer accidental scalding. If it fails to add hot water, it needs replacement.

Sediments like dissolved minerals in water, sand, or other possible debris build up at the base of the tank over years of use. This can limit the system to produce lukewarm water. Failing pressure regulator, leaks and frozen pipes are also possible reasons why the system is not at optimum performance.

Instantaneous hot water systems deliver hot water without the tank. They can be powered either by gas or electric. Depending on household needs, this can be the more energy efficient solution. These solutions can suffer mineral buildup too hence the need to be flushed every six months. Users may suffer sporadic hot and cold water. This could be due to faulty shower head, restrictors, or gas meter diaphragm.

Repairing Hot Water Systems in Bexley

Now, back to your almost perfect day if not for the hot shower issue – all is not lost. When you need to hire a plumber, choose the top plumbing service providers. Emergency plumber Bexley services are perfect for the late-night calls to get your hot shower fixed.

Before you put down the phone, make sure the plumber is equipped to handle your hot water system.

Feel free to check if:

  • he is properly insured and licensed to do the job
  • replacement components are available so the repair can be done on-site on the first visit
  • guarantee the repair for at least 12 months

After inspection, the plumber will provide the cost estimate for the repair work. Consult with an expert if there are other practical alternatives. After the repair, check with the plumber when the certificate of compliance will be issued.

If the damaged hot water system is about ten to fifteen years of age, consider replacing it with a new system. YourHome and EnergyRating provide a good overview about hot water systems to help you decide on the best solution for your needs.

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