Tips on Choosing a Saw for Your Garden

In any garden, there is always something to do with a saw. Branches grow, branches die off, branches get in your way, and all this means they have to be removed. The tool you need for this? The answer is, right, a saw but which one?

There are numerous types of saws on the market today, and choosing the right one depends on the job you want to do. As you say, “for trimming branches,” 2 more questions follow: “How many?” and “How high?” The answers to these define what type of saw you need.

The Highest Class

Not in terms of price, of course, but in terms of the sort of work done with these tools pruning the branches that are too high for you to reach. To avoid climbing the tree or using a ladder, you can do it with a pole saw. It’s usually battery-operated, allowing you to apply the force of a chainsaw that you cannot reach. The controls are on the handle, and the thing is lightweight and maneuverable.

If you read some pole chain saw reviews, you’ll know what these beats are capable of. There are models by established brands, like Makita or Black+Decker, and more affordable ones by upstart Chinese manufacturers. They differ in height, weight, and other parameters – first of all, the price.

As you decide to get a pole saw, look at the height does it fit your needs? Add your height to the pole length, and you’ll know how high it can reach. As poles are telescopic, you can adjust them.

For Minor Jobs

The smallest jobs, like cutting branches, can be done with a hand pruning saw. This tool is optimized to let you reach branches two or three feet above your head and those closer to the ground due to the bent handle. The blade is usually very sharp, so it takes little time and effort as it would with a regular hand saw.

But, being affordable and easy to use, these saws are suitable for small tasks. The length of it is also limited, which makes cutting thick branches harder. You can optimize a process if you reach the next level and go for a chainsaw.

Generic Saw

We mean a chainsaw when speaking of a “generic saw” in 2022. Among all the variety of these tools, it’s the cordless chainsaw that has become the model of choice for gardening fans. It allows for cutting thicker branches and trunks (depending on the bar length), it can be used for other jobs, especially with extra chains, and it saves time and effort when you need to do a lot of cutting.

A battery-powered one will do if you need a regular chainsaw for your garden and nothing else. It’s quieter and eco-friendlier than gas models, it doesn’t take long to charge, and the worktime it provides is long enough. Where it fails, though, is cutting branches on a treetop, and it requires two hands, which is problematic up there.

One’s Never Enough

If you intend to take serious care of your garden, soon you’ll end up with more than one saw. Regardless of which one you buy the first, you’ll soon discover that it is inconvenient or useless in some situations. Then you’ll turn to other types, depending on the jobs you have to do. But as you might have a regular hand pruning saw (or can afford it) and maybe a chainsaw, we’d recommend you take a closer look at pole saws. And it’s okay to have a decent array of tools, choosing the one necessary for each type of job.

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