Why you should consider removing the popcorn ceiling? What it has to do with asbestos?

The asbestos ceiling is a texture treatment that was given to the ceilings in the 1980s to make them look beautiful. As the name suggests, it was a ceiling that had a feel of popcorn all over the surface of the ceiling and it used to look good as well. but today, these ceilings are not welcomed much because of a lot of reasons.

  • First is that they are out of trend and the trend of a clean and clear ceiling is what is in more.
  • Secondly, these ceilings were hard to clean, giving a tough time to the cleaner and making the insects and dust happy as it provided really good shelter to them.
  • Thirdly, the chances for the falling pieces of ceiling were pretty high, which was dangerous as well as alarming for the residents.
  • Then there is the presence of asbestos in the ceiling as well. there are traces of lead too, which are dangerous to be inhaled and pose a threat to your health. Therefore, removing such a ceiling is the best option.

The presence of asbestos in the ceiling can cause serious health issues such as lung cancer and other similar problems. The use of asbestos for the building materials of the house was banned by the health organizations which is now a part of the law.

What you must know about taking off ceiling texture, is the fact that it is costly as well as messy. So get your pocket prepared to pay and accept that there would be a lot of mess in the house as well.

You can easily find a good company that serves the removal of the popcorn ceiling at a reasonable price. These companies offer the cleaning of the area after the removal of the ceiling as well. you can clean the ceiling yourself if you have the energy and the right tools for the job because all it asks is to first spray the ceiling with water and scrape it off and get a clean roof. This would save your money but the mess and the effort you will have to put is to be considered as well.

There are several benefits of hiring a good company for the removal of the ceiling of the house that has gone bad but you have to make sure that you have checked for all the certifications and licensing before hiring them.

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