Without Strong Foundations Your Dreams Will Sink

Across many cultures and philosophies, there is common knowledge that without a solid base, nothing is meant to last. From partnerships, creativity, spirituality, to architecture, the sustainability of it all is based in foundations. From the literal sense of a concrete shed foundation to building a stable future, the utmost attention should be in the structural base.

From the smallest project like a new storage shed to embarking on a new career, the most important aspect of building the vision is solid ground with strong materials. The importance of doing your research and making sure you have a knowledgeable base in which to move forward, will be your greatest decision. There are many articles and sources online that can educate you on what materials to use and how to utilize them.

A couple of the most common materials when engineering architectural foundations are concrete and stone. For a more visceral project, education and experience are your founding materials. These materials most likely will never be seen once the project is built, but every decision during this phase will affect the future and sustainability of your success. Once you have decided upon your materials the design and layering can enhance your decisions or make them a weak link. Working with the present environment and not creating resistance to perceived problems will only help you in the future. If you don’t feel comfortable choosing materials or creating designs, it is best to find those who can fulfill your needs. Many successful leaders and boss’s higher those that are better at the job than they are to guarantee success.

Solid foundations can only be built when the environment is understood. The stronger your connection with the environment around you, the better you will be able to prevent problems in the future. If you know an area is prone to flooding, you will make specific decisions while choosing the design. When you know the dynamic of a community and what they lack, you will build a specific service that will best fit their needs.

You might assume that once you begin building atop your foundation that its purpose is over. One of its main purposes once the ground project is being built, is to protect the outer investment. It is your first line of insurance that anything built on top will be solid, straight, and strong. As with any process, once you begin making the right decisions you will consistently stay in alignment with your project. Investing knowledge, time, and money into the foundations of your venture will consistently pay off through its lifetime. As long as your foundation is in place, so is your dream. You can change what’s on top as many times as you like, but your foundation should be able to hold ever-changing landscapes.

When beginning your journey whether it be temporal or visceral, be excruciatingly detailed about your foundations. Quality over quantity, patience over rushing, and depth over shallowness. Without strong foundations, your dreams will sink. When you break ground, you are creating the roots of your dreams. Build your home on stone, not sand, and create foundations that are applicable in every situation.

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