Tips for Hiring a Gutter and Roofing Contractor

A well fixed roof and gutter not only add to the aesthetics of your house: it is one sure way to increase property value especially if you are planning to resell your residential or commercial property. A nice and well-fixed roof adds to the comfort of your home and prevents leakages especially during rainy seasons. However, the best roofing and gutter specialist can be an overwhelming task especially for first time homeowners due to lack of experience and the numerous options available when it comes to contractors. If care not taken when selecting a gutter and roofing contractor, a homeowner runs the risk of ending up with substandard work and financial losses.

General Vs. Specialty Contractor: Which Is the Best Option? 

When sourcing for gutter installation in Fairfax, Virginia, it is always advisable to understand your current and potential needs before settling on a specific contractor. Homeowners seeking for gutter installation Fairfax VA are always torn between choosing a general or specialty contractor. The choice of contractor depends on your budget and the nature of work. Specialty contractor have a limited scope of service and can therefore only work either on your roof or gutter, depending on the specification of their licenses. Due to their specialization, you are likely to end with high quality services but at an extra cost.

On the other hand, general contractors are licensed by the authorities to carry out a wide range of services around your home. While you may have hired them to fix your roof or gutter, such contractors also have professionals within their ranks to carry out plumbing works or servicing your HVAC system. Such versatility makes general contractors suitable for home improvements that may require more than just installing your gutter. General contractors operate on economies of scale and are more likely to charge less.
Tips for Hiring the Best Gutter and Roofing Contractor

The Following Tips Can Help You Find the Right Contractor for Your Gutter and Roofing Needs: 

Seek for referrals. While sourcing for a roofing and gutter contractor, always seek for referrals from friends, neighbors, relatives, online platforms and regulatory bodies. It is always advisable to settle for local contractors who are conversant with building regulations in your locality.

Check for Reviews and Ratings from Credible Bodies 

Roofers with no ratings especially by the Better Business Bureau should raise red flags when you are shopping for a contractor to fix your gutter or roof. You’ll likely end up with poorly fixed roof or gutter done by underqualified roofers. That’s because you failed to check for online reviews and ratings from credible bodies.

Always Insist on a Written Quotation 

A written quotation is part of a service contract. Therefore, have the contractor give you a written estimate as this will act as a point of reference in case of disputes. Check for license, insurance and warranty to ensure that you are dealing with a legitimate contractor who can guarantee quality work and safety of workers. When looking for the best roofer or contractor to fix your gutter, always consider the nature of your work before opting for a general or specialty contractor. To ensure that you receive value for your money, always go for reputable contractors with license and work quality guarantee.


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