3 Creative Uses for Self Storage

A self-storage unit can be a great way to simplify your move and protect your artwork. It also makes it easier to store your seasonal equipment between trips. These are just a few benefits of a self-storage unit. For more reasons to have a self-storage unit, check out our guide.

You can have the room of your dreams

Have you ever wished that you could have your own gym? What about a private theater for you and your friends? Maybe your band needs somewhere to practice between gigs. Although your self-storage unit may not be suitable for these activities, it can be a great place to store the furniture in your basement, home office or living room that is keeping you from realizing your goals. You’ll be able to make space for the things you truly love by storing them away from your home. You can dream big!

Get down to business

Do you want to make a side business selling antiques and collectibles on eBay as a side hustle? Self storage units are great for packaging materials like bubble wrap, tape, and boxes. You can set up a card table to manage all your packaging needs without having to clutter up your home. Self storage units often offer mail services to help streamline your sales process. Self storage units are great for other business types, as they allow you to free up space by storing excess inventory and equipment.

Gift Giving Guide

No matter what gift-giving tradition you have, it can be difficult to keep surprises alive. A self-storage unit is the perfect solution to dealing with nosy relatives. You can store all kinds of gifts in your self storage unit. And when it comes time to put them together, you have all the space you need. You can also use your self storage unit to store gift wrapping supplies.

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